Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Ocean Blue

Hershey, Pennsylvania's most famous export is chocolate. How about their most famous musical export?

Described as refined, mellow new wave, I can't recall exactly how I heard of The Ocean Blue. It was probably from MTV's 120 Minutes after I just got out of college. Whatever you call it, please, don't call it soft rock. On the other hand, it's not harsh, not pop -- it's really just right with a great flow.

The CD you want is Cerulean and it was released in 1991. The entire CD just has a great feel to it.

The Ocean Blue goes well for any occasion. Whether you have company over for dinner, are traveling, going on a first date, or just fixing yourself a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Ocean Blue - Music You Need To Hear

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Anonymous said...

The Ocean Blue have been one of my faves for far too long to admit. I remember my friend Howie Klein at Sire Records telling me that they were the second coming... Not sure of what, but I sure did love the sound.

Michael, I'm glad you're having fun with music! Great stuff to read here. Keep it up!

Chris was here.