Saturday, October 6, 2007

Music You Need To Hear

The purpose of this blog is simple -- to make it's readers aware of great music.

While I can appreciate all genres of music, if I had to pigeon hole it, I suspect my focus will be mostly be singer-songwriters, contemporary folk/bluegrass, classic rock, alternative, and classical music. I'm sure, from time to time, other musical styles will drop in as well.

If you like one of my suggestions, I hope you'll tell me. If you don't, I hope you'll tell me also. If you choose to post a reply, I sincerely hope you'll go beyond "I loved it" or "I hated it".

In other words, please share the "why".

Why did you like it? What spoke to you? Was it the beat? The lyrics? The musicians? Did it make you drive off the road? Did the music change your life in some way? Do you just want to belt it out every time you hear it? Please share the details. Music is powerful enough to change lives. And I don't mean just going to the symphony when you were a kid and deciding to take up an instrument. Little did I know, one night a few years ago, one song was the building block for changing parts of my life.

Most importantly, what other music is out there? Who do you listen to and why? What songs are tagged as five stars in iTunes? And when the song comes around, do you stop everything your doing and take in the moment? I want to hear from you and tap into the collective brainpower that's out there. There's so much music being made these days and keeping up with it all is next to impossible. Please, let's separate the wheat from the chaff.


Jo said...

this is a great site, Michael!
I'll look forward to more of your suggestions/favorites.

MGK said...

Thanks Jo. Please feel free to comment on the music.