Friday, October 12, 2007

Great Lake Swimmers

How this for a description? Minimalist banjo with touches of folk and electric guitar on top of heartfelt lyrics.

Minimalist banjo? Well...yeah.

Welcome to the sound of Great Lake Swimmers.

Go to the Discography section of their website and download tracks from Ongiara. Also, right on the front page is a link to a free 5-song live EP from a recent concert. Pretty cool that they offer all this for free. Ongiara is a good listen for sure, but really goes down well when you're stuck in traffic on your commute home or just running the daily grind of everyday errands. I should know, it's the current CD in my car player.

Great Lakes Swimmers - Music You Need to Hear.


bette said...

Don't know about minimalist banjo but you're makin me curious! Nice blog, MGK.

MGK said...

Thanks, Bet

This is really a nice CD. You sort of have to let the music wash over you. Try the free tracks first and give it a few plays. I think you'll like what you hear.