Sunday, October 7, 2007


Quick, who was first to play at Woodstock in 1969?

Easy, right? Richie Havens.

Who was supposed to be the first to go on, ended up playing fifth, and instead, became the first band to play?

Suddenly, not so easy.

That band was Sweetwater, and I first found out about them several years ago when VH1 made the movie: Sweetwater: A True Rock Story. The movie wasn't bad. In fact, it was kinda interesting. But one thing you couldn't deny, was that lead singer Nancy Nevins sure could sing. And it sounded so effortless.

They had a 70's rock/classical sound, and their songs, while showing their age a bit, are remarkably listenable and somewhat infectious even today. Check out the songs: Motherless Child, Here We Go Again, What's Wrong, In A Rainbow, Look Out, and Why Oh Why.

All from: Cycles: The Reprise Collection

It's worth noting that just as Sweetwater was poised to make it big, Nevins was injured in a car accident which effectively ended the band. To her credit, she practically had to learn how to sing all over again. Home Again from Cycles is especially poignant because it's the last cut an the CD, and you've already been treated to her voice before the injury.

Check out their webpage. (not current, but good info.) Nancy Nevins website (more current) and link to MySpace.

Sweetwater -- Music You Need to Hear

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