Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clare Burson

I first heard of Clare Burson when her EP was given to me as I was leaving a CD store in the Spring of 2006. Her hauntingly beautiful voice and intimate song-writing drew me in right away. There's also something about her voice that just blends perfectly with a burning (but not overpowering) electric guitar. In short, you can "feel" her music.

One of the nice parts of my job is that I get to interview artists who come through Birmingham to play shows. Once I knew who Clare Burson was, and found out she was coming through town, I was able to arrange an interview ahead of time in support of her concert. I've done many of these kinds of interviews over the years, but this one was different for two reasons.

First, there was great rapport between us. We were having a conversation NOT an interview. Everything just clicked and in the end, very little editing was needed.

Second, Clare brought her guitar with her. And I have to admit, it was pretty cool to say during the interview, "What would you like to play for us?" She played two songs, but here's the best part: she allowed the music to be downloaded for free.

Check out both the regular and extended interview, and download the music. More....

Other specific recommendations? Angels from her new CD, Thieves was written after 9/11 and is hauntingly beautiful. The Idaho EP is dark, breathy, intimate and an all-around great listen. The mandolin provides just the right touch as well.

The In-Between from the self-titled CD, is a bit more acoustic, but nice for those times when you just need to create some space for yourself.

Clare Burson - Music You Need to Hear

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Carrie said...

Wow! I've just listened to a few mp3s on her website and, wow, she's fantastic!