Tuesday, October 23, 2007


When I have time, I enjoy browsing CD Baby and finding new music.

I was looking at the top selling folk CD's and I noticed that Girlyman was the Winner of the 2004 Independent Music Award for Folk/Singer-Songwriter for their debut CD, Remember Who I Am.

Remember Who I AmSo, I gave it a listen and I was blown away. Self-described as delicious acoustic harmony-driven gender pop, Girlyman has great harmonies, strong writing, and some of the catchiest hooks you'll ever hear. There's some seriously good music making going on here. Winners include the wildly addictive Even If (wait for the chorus and the harmonies). Amaze Me is one of those songs that would go great on a cross-country road trip.

It gets even better. Their second effort Little Star is just as good. Winners include: the gender-challenging Young James Dean (those harmonies!) and the introspective Speechless. The song Kittery Tide alone will make you feel that you should play bluegrass as they make it sound so easy and are clearly having fun.

Does it get better still? Actually, they have a third CD, Joyful Sign
and while I like parts of it, I haven't heard it enough to make that judgment yet.

Still, you'll be pleasantly surprised and very fulfilled with the first two CDs. These are the kind of CDs which everyone will like but everyone will have a different favorite song.

Girlyman - Music You Need To Hear

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