Tuesday, November 6, 2007


"In this world, direct communication is a ticket to success."

Whether you agree with his political stance or not, RX creates great mixes using samples from popular songs and (among others) President Bush. Although I suspect the songs might be more entertaining if you subscribe to his (anti-Bush) sentiment.

My Name is RX (the 5th song from the top - can be downloaded) is a brilliant mix of the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil and President Bush. It works musically and goes beyond catchy. It'll also get your feet seriously moving if you listen to music when walking or exercising.

RX also a great job with U2's Sunday, Bloody Sunday. He's found the sound clips that literally make Bush sing the song.

All of his songs represent, TONS of work. It's easy to forget about that part since his mixes sound pretty good.

The links on the mp3's on the RX website are outdated, so aside from the links above, you need to do some Googling to find his music.

RX - Music You Need To Hear


Gigi said...

Nice! I like Clare Burson (hadn't heard of her before). Girlyman, not so much. Sounds too much like Peter Paul & Mary to me.

Anonymous said...

This is much fun. Thanks Michael -- great blog! I better watch my cd budget for sure now! :-) RG