Thursday, December 6, 2007

Voice of the Beehive

Can you picture music that's sugary, brash, feminine, sassy, saucy, full of catchy little barbs, and original? If your answer is no, then listen to Voice of the Beehive.

Let it Bee cover
Let It Bee is the group's quintessential work. Released in the late 1980's, this album, (at least in the U.S.) came out of nowhere and ended up charting as high as #11 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart. The harmonies, guitar arpeggios, and lyrics all make for very enjoyable listening. I Say Nothing is instantly catchy and a great intro to the band. Personally, my favorite is Sorrow Floats, but don't overlook the dreamy Man in the Moon, and the Beat of Love either. All of the aforementioned songs are four or five stars on my iTunes.

If that weren't enough, anyone who writes a song titled There's a Barbarian in the Back of My Car from a feminine point of view, is okay by me.

The group's website has a great bio of the band. They have an up-to-date page on MySpace as well. All of their music is available on iTunes.

A reviewer on Amazon sums it up perfectly:

"I wouldn't rate them as a classic or an all-time great, but I agree with the sentiment of the other reviewers. If you want a band that gives you a really alive, fresh feeling when you listen to their music, Voice of the Beehive will do it."

Nineteen years after Let it Bee was released, that feeling is still alive.

Voice of the Beehive - Music You Need to Hear

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Anonymous said...

I first heard this band in 1990 and was instantly smitten by their catchy hooks and playful lyrics. I even traveled 3 hours to see them at a club in D.C. only to find out it had sold out.
I am deeply forlorned that they did not continue to put out albums, but am glad to have what I do to listen to.

After all, "What you have is enough", right?