Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christine Lavin

Whenever I hear music from singer-songwriter Christine Lavin come around in my iTunes library, I always smile.

Somehow, she finds remarkably creative ways to tell poignant, funny and touching stories. There's Sensitive New Age Guys when she asks a bunch of men "Who's concerned about your orgasm?" (...and the men don't answer). To the song Shopping Cart of Love: The Play which tells about the time she got a goodbye note from her boyfriend who left her for her roommate...then she went to the supermarket console herself with junk food...then had too many items in the checkout line...then fell in love with the guy behind her who offered to take some of her items in order to avoid a near riot in the store. The song is nearly nine minutes long and worth every second.

The two songs referenced above are from Attainable Love, one of her early CD's. But Lavin has 19 solo albums and I admit looking at her discography, I've got a lot of catching up (and probably laughing) to do.

I mean, how can you not at least be curious about songs titled:

Tom Cruise Scares Me
The Tacobel Canon
Making Friends With My Grey Hair
If You Want Space, Go To Utah
Getting in Touch With My Inner Bitch
Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
Prisoners Of Their Hairdos
Roses From The Wrong Man
Nobody's Fat in Aspen

Christine Lavin - Music You Need to Hear


J said...

Hey Michael--
I LOVE all your new reviews/recommedations! Your descriptions are great.
Did you know that Christine Lavin recorded one of my songs?? It's on "Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best". She sings my "A Question of Tempo", which is a 4-part round, and she sings it with herSELF, using a Boomerang phrase sampler. Although she never does synch up the 4-part harmony well, she does a credible job and it still comes off funny and musical. And of course i'm really proud! Because it's an album made from a live concert, she even says my name in introducing the song. Fun for me!
Keep these great recommendations coming--

GD said...

She's funny. "Tacobell Canon" and "Bald Headd Men" are my favs.

bg said...

Been a fan of hers, too, but I haven't kept up. Now I will look her up again after years of neglect because, you know, Tom Cruise scares me too. I forgot how her content does resonate a certain truth for me.