Saturday, September 26, 2009


The musical Hair first came out in 1967, the year I was born. Growing up, I'd certainly heard of it, and even have a vague memory of seeing it performed on the sitcom Head of the Class.

But during this summer's vacation I went to see the revival of Hair on Broadway. And while I had an appreciation of it all (the set, the costumes, the band, and the actors) It wasn't until about three days later, I realized I had seen something really great.

cover of Hair soundtrackSo I've been listening to the new soundtrack almost every day. And it's funny - are these best vocals ever? No. But the songs aren't meant to be super-lyrical either. Maybe you have to see the show, but there is so much energy and passion infused into some terrific songs, that the whole soundtrack is just elevated to another level. The chorus is tight and the band rocks. My only complaint is that as songs (as opposed to songs for a musical), some are way too short. And, had I really familiarized myself with the music before seeing the show, who knows, maybe it would've hit me right away.

If you're fortunate to see it on Broadway, it's a visual treat as well. The set and costumes seem to burst with color. The band is also on the stage as well. Far from hokey, the actors go into the audience as well and are literally dancing and singing before you.

My kids ask me to play the title track and want to hear it every time we're in the car. What's funny is that I know they'd like the entire soundtrack, which grew on me remarkably fast, but given the content, I've only shared Aquarius, Manchester England, I Got Life, and, of course, Hair.

Still, nearly every day, one of us sings "Hair, Hair, Hair-Hair-Hair, Hair, Hair Hair!" And my six your old son belts out: "We'll be gaga at the Go-go when they see me in my toga..."

The soundtrack to the revival of Hair - Music You Need To Hear

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