Sunday, September 28, 2008

Act of Congress

When Nickel Creek decided to take an indefinite hiatus at the end of their 2007 tour, there was no doubt sadness among fans of acoustic music.

It would be easy to say that a Birmingham, Alabama quartet named Act of Congress is hoping to capitalize on the remains of Nickel Creek's fan base. But if you listen to their music (free downloads here, iTunes, MySpace) and still think that, well, you're just not paying attention.

Act of Congress' first full length CD, "Declaration" is strikingly original -- from beginning to end. Not a bad track? Heck, there's not a wasted note. Period.

There are so many things right about this CD, it's hard to know where to begin. The playing and harmonies are flawless, but more than that, the arrangements and production are balanced perfectly -- they never get in the way of each other. As a result -- pure organic music making for nothing other than the love of music and sharing it with the listener. There's a "feel" to this CD unlike, any I've heard in a long time.

Let me be perfectly clear -- every track on Declaration is a standout.

Still, some thoughts on a few:

-In the Middle (The prefect opening track. Gives you a great idea of what to expect from the rest of the CD.)
-She Knows Her Way Around (Laden with great harmonies, this song gently seeps into your soul.)
-I Disagree (The combination of dobro, harmonies, violin and lyrics make this track a winner.)

If that weren't enough, in concert, AOC also plays covers of Coldplay's Clocks, A-ha's Take on Me and the Beatles Paperback Writer. These versions pay homage to the original, but in typical AOC fashion, go off in an original direction. An EP of cover song is in the works.

Act of Congress - Music You Need To Hear.


Anonymous said...

check out AOC in Mt. Laurel on Oct. 12th!

lelly said...

i'm listening to *in the middle* right now, and i am loving it!! i can't tell you the last time i bought an entire album... i may have to splurge on this one.

Anonymous said...

Found this music by accident and loved it. Your comments are bang on. Like your site.

Recommend the new Mew, "No More Stories..." Also no clinkers in the bunch.


Ken . Melbourne, Fl