Monday, May 26, 2008

The Judybats

From Knoxville, the Judybats had a sound that seemed to be perfect for the 1990's.

Not acoustic rock, not hard rock, the Judybats just had a sensible approach to their sound. A bit harder when it mattered, more acoustic when the song dictated. What's interesting is that Jeff Heiskell had a good voice, (not great), but he put it across with a nasal-y twang that made it all come together.

I wouldn't go so far as to say their first three CD's are overlooked gems, as they're somewhat inconsistent, but there's certainly some good music to had in there and you'll probably find yourself singing along after a few listens as well. Still, the band never had wide commercial success. Unfortunately, only two songs and a handful of videos are available on iTunes. But you can find their CD's, (used only) on Amazon. There's bit more about them on MySpace, Wikipeda, and AllMusic.

Check out "Daylight" from the CD, Native Son. A wonderfully catchy song with a perfect combination of harmonies, folk-inspired rock and just the right touch of guitar.

For me, their 1991 release Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow is probably the most enjoyable from start to finish. It contains the song "Saturday", which perfectly captures life in the South after high school. And its not bad to hear during college football season either.

From 1993, Pain Males You Beautiful had the minor hit "Being Simple".

The Judybats -- Music You Need to Hear.

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Chris said...

I remember reviewing The Judybats for public radio when they were new. People laughed at me. Thought I made up the name.